Balancing Tips

28 Sep

Some tips from Laurie Higgins (check out her facebook page!) of Core Connexxions (and website!) to help improve your balance (and core muscles) off the horse – gotta crawl before we can walk 😉

Balancing tips


  • Sit on a large stability or yoga ball the correct size for your height (check the packaging).
  • Mimic proper riding position, sitting up tall.
  • Hold onto something for safety and support.
  • Pick up your toes and let go.
  • Practice finding the balance point.
  • Five minutes a day is all you need.


  • Stand on a balance cushion or board.  The board can be as small as one foot square to as large as three feet square.  Round is also good, but it is harder.
  • Balance while standing up straight, knees slightly bent.
  • Try standing on a foam roller.
  • Use a teeter board.  You’ll need a length of 1×8 and a piece of 2×4.  Place the center of the board over the 2×4 placed on its narrow edge.
  • Keep something close by to hang onto if necessary.



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One response to “Balancing Tips

  1. Jane Jackson

    September 29, 2011 at 6:09 am

    Great suggestions! I’m going to try these with my students!


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