Selling your horse? Are you sure?

08 Nov

So you’ve decided to sell your horse. 

Are you sure?

Maybe you just want to put out some feelers and see what kind of response you get.

Don’t.  This may work for a well connected instructor or trainer (or other industry professional) but isn’t the best way to go for amateur owners.

Buying and selling horses is a risky business.  Buyers take a huge chance when buying the horse.  They’re betting that the horse hasn’t been drugged in some way to make it perform or act differently than what it normally would.  They’re betting that the person they’re buying from has disclosed all relevant information, including medical history (for example, whether the horse is prone to colic).  They’re betting their new horse will behave in the same way at its new home as it did at its old.  Let’s be honest, horses are sensitive creatures and even the slightest change can throw them off.  It’s a gamble.

Put yourself in the buyers place.  If you’re going to look at a horse and the owner appears to be at all hesitant or unsure, how are you going to interpret that?  You’re likely going to assume the seller isn’t telling you everything and you’re going to move on to the next horse.  Because as much as the purchaser is buying the horse, their connection with (and trust in) the seller does play a part in the process.  Keep in mind that in these tough economic times there are a lot of horses for sale – this is very much a buyer’s market.  Why would a purchaser take a risk with a hesitant owner when they have several other options?

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