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Increasing Your Social Media Interactions

Do you incorporate a blog in your social media marketing strategy?  Don’t just publish a post and forget about it, ask your followers if they have any questions!  This accomplishes several things at once.

  • It increases fan engagement by encouraging them to comment and participate
  • Fan participation increases your edgerank score, which increases the chances/frequency of your post being featured in facebook’s top news section
  • Since it’s a separate post from the original one announcing the newly published post, you’ll want to re-link to the post – thus reminding people about your article and giving it a second chance for even more people to see it

Now that you’ve asked for people to submit questions, don’t just ignore them!  Responding to questions builds a relationship with individuals that social media unfortunately doesn’t necessarily encourage (social media allows you to build a following of faceless individuals, but how often do you really get to know and interact with people one-on-one?).  The beauty of using Facebook or Twitter to answer questions and build that one-on-one relationship is that it’s 100% public – anyone can see it, and others will see it!  They’ll see that you’re a caring and knowledgeable company and that information will stick with them.

If a more in depth response is required and you want to email someone instead, make sure you comment on the thread anyways, even if just to say that you emailed them your response.  Remember, this is 100% transparent communication and if you move away from it to a more private forum, other people who are watching or waiting to read your response will not know that you’ve moved to email and will assume you’re ignoring the thread.  A better idea may be to comment on the thread with a summarized version of your response and post your contact information in case anyone else wants further information.

Chances are, for every one person that asks a question there are several others out there who wanted to ask the same question.  If you receive a question via email or some other private forum, post the question to your social media accounts and give others the chance to view the question and your answer.  If you get a few questions, you may even want to turn it into another blog post – or you may want to consider revising the content of the first post 😉


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